R. Kae Taylor

The essence of my work is strongly rooted in my fascination with the human face and how a single expression can communicate an entire story, capture the spirit of a soul, or reflect the ever-changing relationship between people and their surroundings.

Growing up as an adopted child, I have always had a curiosity about the subtle nuances of line and curve that reflect our racial, cultural and social identities.

My process developed while working as a professional actor with a transient lifestyle. Being constantly on the road, I began to experiment with materials that were readily available and accessible. Therefore, my work is primarily made from local newspapers, boiled down and reduced to pulp. When combined with other  ingredients, this pulp forms a highly resilient “paper clay.” After each piece is sculpted (free-form), I bake, detail in watercolor and lacquer for a durable finish.

I strive to capture the humor of a moment, the life story that can be read from a fixated stare and the delicate balance between how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves.


© 2011 R. Kae Taylor